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28 October
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I like books. I like fantasy, YA, scifi, fiction, literature, poetry, translations, children's books, urban fantasy, dystopic futures, plays, Oscar Wilde, Rumi, Euripides, Shakespeare, and Marauders' era HP fanfiction.

I like music. I like seeing how other people think. I love languages and I'm fascinated with them; I love stories and I'm fascinated with them; I love seeing how those two interact.

I frequent corners of the Internet where people talk about culture, language, gender, art, and science. I don't update basically ever; I have this journal so that I can keep up with other peoples' things and occasionally post something utterly random.

I have a very poor sense of LJ etiquette, so if I do something odd, it's from unfamiliarity with the medium; I promise I'm not a creeper.

That is all.